Alexa is having a breakout year. The personal assistant pioneered by Amazon for use on their Echo speakers was open-sourced earlier in 2016 and is now being featured on a number of Q4 releases. One such product is the innovative personal robot named Yumi.

Made by Omate, a company better known for its smartwatches, this robot companion will help you accomplish a wide range of tasks and even control your other smart home devices. Since it features Alexa onboard, it can also play music for you, tell you whether or not you really need that overcoat, and a whole lot more. Other tech specs and capabilities include a built-in Microphone which serves as the ‘bot’s “hearing”, a 5-inch 720p display that functions as Yumi’s face and displays “emotion”, a light ring for notifications, a 3,500mAh power source, and speakers.

If a robot servant is what you’ve always wanted then Yumi is a great place to start. Make sure you find out more about this product via the link below.

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Omate Teases Yumi Personal Robot Assistant
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