The Ohea Smart Bed seeks to rid the world of one of its most annoying little chores, and from the looks of things the company is off to a good start. Their self-making Smart Bed can be programmed to automatically make the bed while you’re getting ready. While you may be thinking, “What’s to making a bed, no big deal,” imagine what the elimination of this menial chore could mean for the world-at-large:

No more unpleasant battles between Mom, Dad, and the kids. No feelings of anger toward your extended family when they leave out from a visit without having the consideration to do it for you. No more slipped disks for those of you with a bad back, who are then left to explain that you “injured yourself making the bed.” (Not cool.) All that, and it brings us one step closer to living in an episode of The Jetsons. Now all we’ve got to do is develop a machine that makes any food we want whenever we want it, and we’re set.

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Ohea Smart Bed
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