Until transparent HUD displays become common, we’re all running a big risk when we take our eyes off the road to look at our phones. Well, that’s what we thought until the O6 Eyes-Free Remote came into the picture. Clearly inspired by the iPod Click Wheel, this remote allows you to have physical controls that you can use with just one thumb. Yes, you’ll have to take one hand off the wheel, but isn’t that better than having to look over to your smartphone’s touch screen?


The O6 Eyes-Free Remote goes one step further than just providing hardware controls for your smartphone, though. Using a combination of tactile control, speech feedback, and a companion app, it’ll allow for app control, reading and replying to incoming messages, and even music selection. It also functions off the road as a remote shutter button, Sonos remote, and interface for your smart home devices.

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O6 Eyes-Free Remote Lets You Send Texts And Drive
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