Longtime readers of inStash know that we absolutely love the Nut Mini tracker. While it’s only been a couple of months since our last write-up, we felt a crushing responsibility to let you all know about an amazing deal on this fantastic object tracker on our very own inStash Shop. For just $15 (25% off reg. pricing!), you’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that an object tracker brings — that is to say, that you’ll be able to consistently remember all of your valuables including your wallet, keys, or whatever else you decide to attach the Nut Mini to.


Not convinced? Just check out what we had to say about the Nut Mini last April:

In order to get started with Nut mini, simply attach the device to whatever you wish to keep track of. Once the tracker is powered on and paired with its smartphone companion app, you’ll be receiving a notification every time you leave your object behind as well as whenever your cellphone gets too far from the tracked objects. The reason for this is two fold: not only will you always know where your valuables are but you also will be able to tell if your phone has been stolen from your person.

Nut Mini is one of those products which will improve your quality of life tenfold. You won’t recognize yourself once you start keeping track of where your most precious belongings are at all times!

Make sure you buy your own Nut Mini via the inStash Shop link below. This deal won’t last forever so take advantage of the pricing before its too late!

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Nut Mini Object Tracker Now On Sale For Just $14!
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