Attention allergics and asthmatics! If you think your current air filter is saving you from the unwanted pollens, viruses, or bacteria, think again.

You see, air purifiers with filters can capture almost all the air pollutants; however, it doesn’t kill the living microorganisms. These are just trapped and continue to grow in the filters, which is why you are required to clean or change your filter often. Yikes!

The ones with ions in it may be able to do so, but they won’t work well in getting rid of strong odors.

With the Airocide APS-200, on the other hand, you don’t get a filter. You get a unique system that destroys harmful pathogens (insert MIB OST here) and gets of odors without using any filtering system. Hence, you are not required to clean filters. Instead, you have to replace the reaction chamber once a year. Get it? Just once a year!

Another good thing about this air purifier is its design. It can easily pass as a bookshelf speaker.

But don’t be surprised by the sound it emits. It’s a bit louder than other purifiers, which is good if you want to drown out your colleague’s voice without yelling at them.

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