Here’s a scary thought: the government could be watching you right now. Through the ubiquitous integrated webcam that’s included on every laptop, unwanted intruders can easily enter your system and watch you as you go on with your daily business. While you might think that you’re protected by the “light” which turns on when the webcam is engaged, hackers and governments alike have figured out that turning on the webcam without that light is child’s play.


Don’t freak out though — you’re not without an ally in the fight to reclaim your privacy. If you really don’t want to be seen by others then what you really should look into getting is your own Nope 2.0 webcam cover. Unlike homemade webcam covers which one fashions out of scotch tape and paper, Nope 2.0 is a simple and elegant magnetic privacy shield which not only looks nice but is also much more effective at blocking out your webcam. What’s more, since it can be easily removed you never have to worry about reapplying glue or anything like that.

Curious about Nope 2.0? Check out their Kickstarter project via the link below today.

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Nope 2.0 Makes Sure The NSA Isn't Looking At You Through Your Webcam
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