There are few wardrobe malfunctions more common and embarrassing than stains. Whether it’s dumping a coffee on yourself or producing buckets of sweat from your pits, all kinds of liquids threaten to put go-home blemishes on your shirt. Silic promises to put a stop to this menace once and for all with its new hydrophobic tops.

These ultra-soft, four-way stretch-polyester shirts feature a layer of billions of silica particles. When liquid comes into contact with the fabric, it beads up into 150-degree spheres that roll right off. You never have to worry about embarrassing pit stains out at the club because sweat comes to the surface and evaporates and the anti-microbial fabric never stinks. A designer from the Vera Wang Collection gave the Silic shirt a form-fit, lending sharp fashion to its high-tech function.

With over a month left to go in its Kickstarter campaign, Silic has raised more than six times its goal of $20,000. Continued support, though, means the creators can further enhance their product before bringing it to market.

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No More Shirt Stains With Silic
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