The difference between a horrible camping trip and a great one can oftentimes be the simple fact of packing quality equipment. While campers often make the mistake of overlooking their utensils, let us be the ones to tell you that this can be a grave mistake. There’s nothing worse than finishing off a great hike with the frustration of being unable to enjoy a meal because you’ve packed all-plastic cutlery.

What you should be packing is the Esbit Titanium Camp Cutlery. Esbit, is a company which has been in the utensil game for over 75 years. Included is a fork, deep-bowl spoon, and serrated knife. All are made from 100% durable, lightweight, heat resistant, strong, non-corrosive titanium with no metallic taste. Easy to clean and transport for your next camping trip, each utensil is full-sized and the set includes a silicone sleeve to keep things together when you aren’t using them. More below.

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No Camping Trip Is Complete Without Esbit Titanium Camp Cutlery
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