Nintendo is having a bit of a moment. After years of languishing due to the lukewarm reception of the WiiU, the nostalgia-inducing Japanese gaming titan has recently had a string of successes with Miitomo and Pokemon Go. Looking to capitalize on the good will that its getting from 20-somethings, the company has recently announced a “new” console — and it’s not the NX, either.


Meet the new NES Classic Edition. This bite-sized NES is nearly small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and comes jam-packed with over 30 classic games from the 8-bit era. What’s more, the updated NES features a built-in HDMI cable so it can “play nice” with your modern hi-def television setup. If that wasn’t enough to send you on a nostalgia trip, the NES Classic Edition also comes with a slightly updated version of the classic NES controller.

The NES Classic Edition will be priced at $59 and feature the following games: MetroidMega Man IIFinal Fantasy,  Zelda, Mario, Castlevania, Balloon Fight, Bubble Bobble, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Double Dragon II: the Revenge, Excitebike, Galaga, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Gradius, Ice Climber, Kid Icarus, Kirby’s Adventure, Ninja Gaiden, Pac, Punch-Out!, StarTropics, Super C, and Tecmo Bowl.


Find out more via the link below.


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Nintendo's New NES Classic Edition Is The Best Way To Relive Your Childhood
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