The Nightmares: Limited Edition Art Book is the kind of thing near and dear to the hearts of we inStashers who still miss Halloween. A new project from the superbly talented Frank Walls, Alex McVey, Steven Gilberts, and Zach McCain, the four artists are teaming with 20 writers. The writers are taking the word “Nightmare” and crafting their own stories from it, complete with unique paintings and illustrations, specially created for this collection from the warped minds of our artist quartet.

The goal, if the Kickstarter campaign is successful, is to do a softcover book. To further hammer home the point that you’re not dealing with any artist lightweights here, these guys have done work for some of the hottest names in horror — Jeff Strand, Jeff Mariotte, Ronald Kelly, Brian Keene, and Joe Lansdale, to name a few. If you like horror, throw a couple of bucks their way this holiday season.

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Nightmares: Limited Edition Art Book
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