MacBooks aren’t very upgradeable. In fact one of the gripes that most Windows fans have with Apple computers is that they’re notoriously difficult to upgrade. Not so with the Nifty MiniDrive! Taking an approach which doesn’t require users to buy special screwdrivers just to increase their hard drive space, Nifty MiniDrives will make getting your much needed storage space as easy as popping in an SD card into your card slot.


That’s because Nifty MiniDrive is basically that: an ultra-sophisticated SD card which fits perfectly into your MacBook’s SD card slot. While that may sound like it wouldn’t “mesh” well with your gorgeous unibody Mac and its overly designed aesthetic sense, let us assure you that it does. That’s because Nifty MiniDrive was designed only with MacBook compatibility in mind and as such it doesn’t look out of place or tacky as other third party accessories often do.

Intrigued? Visit the inStash Shop link below and take advantage of special pricing while supplies last.

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