Tired of getting angry at your energy bill month after month? Perhaps it’s time to go green and start saving money! If the thought of getting some cash back on your power bill and saving the planet at the same time appeals to you, then maybe you should look into investing in your very own NEWWIND biomimetic wind turbine.

Easily installed in the privacy of your back yard, these handy wind turbines generate electricity through a rotor magnet assembly, which is rotated by a blade moving across a power circuit. Micro electricity and multiple turbines both capture the energy produced by even the lightest of winds and use it to accumulate their power.

If you’re curios about how NEWWIND biomimetic wind turbines work and how you can get one of your own then  make sure you check out the link below. There’s no pricing and availability information just yet so you’ll have to stay tuned to that website for an update on when it’ll be available for consumer purchase.

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NEWWIND Wind Turbines May Be How You Power Your Home In The Future
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