Amazon Echo has revolutionized the way we live ever since its launch about three years ago. And now the makers are giving us three more ways to have a relationship with Alexa —Connect, Plus, and Spot. These names sound like what a kindergarten teacher teaches her students.

They won’t be available until later this year, but you can use the remaining time choosing which one you’ll pick for that perfect Christmas gift.

New Echo Devices This Year

Echo Connect

Hiding from someone or simply love the art of ignoring calls? Connect can help you. Just plug it into your landline or VoIP connection, and Alexa will now ask you whether you will take your mom’s call or not. You can also ask Alexa to call pizza delivery, your significant other, and even 911.

In other words, Connect is your speaker phone plus other Alexa features.






Echo Plus

Plus is just like the old Echo but with the smart home hub. It has Zigbee support, so you can control Philips Hue, GE, and Kwikset along with other compatible devices. For a limited time, you also get a free Philips Hue smart bulb when you buy Plus.

Echo Plus comes in white, black, and silver.







Echo Spot

Spot is Echo Dot’s improved sibling and Show’s little brother. And when we say little, we mean 2.5-inch-screen-little. So if you find Show a bit bulky, you can have Spot with you.

Just like the Dot, Spot has Bluetooth and line out audio jack. Plus, it may also be used for video calls just like the Show.

One of it’s main functions, however, is being an alarm clock (and a really smart one at that).





Other devices

Amazon also improved the old Echo giving you more colors to choose from, smaller dimensions, better word processing, enhanced noise cancellation, and improved beam forming technology.

Echo Buttons are also available. They’re a multipurpose gadget the main one being a button you can use for games like Beat the Intro from Musicplode.

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Amazon Introduces New Echo Devices
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