The number one complaint people have had with Smart Watches so far is that they’re ugly. In a world where every smartphone, tablet, and laptop can tell you the time most people who still wear watches appreciate them as jewelry or collectible works of art. So where’s the smart watch for the discerning watch-wearer?

Nevo aims to be the answer to that question. It’s a modern minimalist smart watch which incorporates activity tracking and phone notifications without sacrificing its commitment to superb design. At its core, what makes Nevo different from other smart watches is that it displays progress to your activity goals not with a screen but rather with eleven white LED indicators located around the dial.


Nevo shows your progress to your daily goal by lighting more of the LED indicators. If you’re 25% to your goal, only 3 LEDs will be turned on for example. Notifications coming from your smartphone are handled in a similarly subdued manner, with vibrations alerting you to a missed call or text.

The best thing Nevo has going for it though, is it’s battery life. Users will never have to worry about charging the smart watch and the batteries last for 5.5 years. Nevo has currently raised $191,413of its $50,000 goal and is looking like it’ll be successfully funded.

Check out Nevo in action here:

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Nevo Is A Beautiful, Minimalistic Smart Watch
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