Frustrated with your iPhone’s crappy battery life? We know we are. It’s the one area where Apple hasn’t kept up with the breakneck pace of technological development. Sure you could carry around a charger or battery pack in your pocket or backpack, but they’re usually bulky and not very convenient to carry around. Enter CoBattery, an iPhone case that eliminates the need to plug in your phone by replacing conventional charging with battery swapping.


CoBattery comes with two batteries and a charging dock. One battery stays in the case, keeping your iPhone at 100%. The other battery stays in the charging dock. When you get back home, swap the used battery with the one in the dock–giving you a full charge in seconds. Reminds you of something? This is exactly how phones used to work before 2007 and it’s how most Android phones still work.

CoBattery currently supports iPhone 5, 5S, and 6. They’re selling a limited quantity of early bird units right now for $60 on Indiegogo.


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Never Run Out Of Battery Again With CoBattery
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