There’s nothing more annoying than peeing in the closet. Don’t laugh, the amount of nighttime bathroom-related mishaps is actually much larger than you may think. The reason? No one wants to turn on the lights when going to pee in the middle of the night since LED lights have the unintended effect of waking you up. Badly.


That’s where the IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light is. Featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, this light fits on the side of your bowl and will illuminate the way forward so that you can find your target easily, every time.

Setting up the battery-powered IllumiBowl is simple and literally takes seconds. Just snap it onto the rim and you’re ready to enjoy night time light emanating from your porcelain throne. Worried about constantly changing out the batteries? Relax. IllumiBowl features a motion sensor meaning that it’ll only utilize its batteries when you come stumbling through the bathroom door. Now that’s progress.

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Never Pee In The Closet Again With The IllumiBowl LED Toilet System
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