If you ask us, the worst part of working a 9-to-5 job is just how boring it can get around the mid-afternoon. While you might think of playing flash games at your desk, or fiddling around on your smartphone, we’d recommend against doing so. You see, System Admins at your workplace can probably see what you’re doing on their network — meaning that you need an offline solution in order to combat the boredom.


That’s where the Kingpin Desktop Mini Bowling Alley comes in. Pretty much wood and metal replica of a bowling alley, you’ll be able to beat the workday stress with this desk-sized solo game. Made of beautiful, all-natural wood, it’s a foot-long alley that comes with metal pins and a metal ramp to aim your bowling ball to hit the strikes and save the spares. Work just became a lot more fun! Find out more below.

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Never Be Bored At Work Again With Kingpin Desktop Mini Bowling Alley
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