If you grew up in the 20th Century then chances are that you’re still waiting for the age of the flying car to arrive. While it might not ever come, the Neva AirQuadOne Flying Vehicle is probably the closest thing that you’re going to see for a while. Meant to be a personal aircraft for the masses, the AirQuadOne uses proven components like a rechargeable battery pack and a series of electric turbofans for propulsion.

In order to become airborne, you simply straddle the AirQuadOne like you would a bike and take off vertically in order to get around. This approach of vertical takeoffs and landings dramatically increases the number of places you can go, and its 25-mile range makes it perfect for daily commuting.

As you’d expect from such an innovative vehicle, the company requires regulation and approval from the US and EU before hitting the market. Stay tuned to their homepage (linked below) in order to find out more.

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Neva AirQuadOne Flying Vehicle Is The Flying Car You've Been Waiting For
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