These days the subscription model is all the rage. Blame Netflix. Since the company started providing DVDs-by-mail ages ago, everyone from toymakers to ladies makeup manufacturers have been hoping to give their customers the thrill of getting something exciting in the mailbox while delivering showbiz-sized profits to their own bottom lines. The male demographic is not immune from the business model, and these eight guy-friendly subscription services are living proof.


Dollar Shave Club

It’s no secret that we’re fans of the Dollar Shave Club around these parts. Forking over $20 or more for a box that barely weighs an ounce from your local Walmart just doesn’t have the same appeal as signing up for DSC and getting all the razors you need for a fraction of the cost of “everyday low prices.” Perhaps what excites us more than anything about Dollar Shave Club isn’t that it’s cheaper than what you’ll find in the stores, but that it’s also a product of equal or higher quality. No wonder the name brand manufacturers hate these guys so much. They’ve shown us there is a cheaper and better way to shave. They’re also hilarious.



Manpacks moves one step further than Dollar Shave Club when it comes to providing all the manly essentials. While DSC has expanded into the butt-wiping market with One-Wipe Charlies and the shaving cream sector with Shave Butter, they’re still comfortably niche and very good at what they do. Manpacks, likewise, is good at what they do, but they have expanded their offerings beyond the razor to underwear, socks, condoms, and all kinds of other things we’re always running out of at the most inopportune times. The service offers rush delivery and delay shipments, and best of all, allows you to build your own Manpack so you’re always getting the items you need with no wasted space.


Birchbox Man

Birchbox Man is always seeking to understand what makes us tick, and that shows in the wide array of available products that they carry. Beard and shave, man-friendly gadgets, grooming items, style, tools, games — you name it. If we like it, they’ve got it. And for $20 per month, you can get a nice sampling of pre-selected items from the Birchbox Man catalog.

trunk club

Trunk Club

Trunk Club is a relatively new service that seeks to take a first-rate slobola like myself and turn him in to a Dapper Dan with the help of personal stylists and premium clothing. When you interact very little with the outside world, you tend to not know (or care) what the latest fashions are. That can turn in to trouble, though, when you have a wedding, interview, date, or other special occasion with which to contend. Trunk Club offers three different routes for you to travel: Clueless, Confident, and Aficionado. If you know what the words themselves mean then you have a good idea of what to expect from each.



All right, I’m not going to act like I knew the Paleo Diet was a thing. A friend of mine and his wife recently decided to take this on, and that’s the only reason the name is even familiar to me. But now that it is, it’s good to know there’s a service to turn sticking with the diet into less of a pain in the posterior. The creators of PaleoPax know that you’re going to not have time to prepare your lunch or breakfast in the way that you want it, and that you’re going to use that lack of time as an excuse to cheat. With their $49 sampler pack, you can get everything you need to remove the excuses and stick with the game plan. The sampler contains dozens of Paleo-friendly snacks, including Caveman Cookies, Tanka Bars, SeaSnax, Steve’s PaleoGoods PaleoKrunch, and much more. By the time you finish the box, you’ll know all you need to know about the Paleo Diet.

beer of the month club

The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club

You had to know that there was a Beer of the Month Club, right? What you might not have known, however, is how many options are available to you. You don’t have to pick up one plan. You have the choice of several that range in cost from $24 to $70 per month. On the low end, you’ll get 12 12-ounce beers from two different lightly distributed US microbreweries. Each shipment will include four different beer styles, three bottles of each style and a monthly newsletter detailing tasting notes, beer specifications, brewery profiles, suggested food pairings, and more. On the high end, you’ll get three 750mL bottles each of the month’s two featured rare beers. If you’re not the Budweiser-Bud Light type, then this is the route to go. And by the way, those are just two of the plans available. Check out the site for more options.

craft coffee

Craft Coffee

Craft Coffee operates on the same principle as the Beer of the Month Club, but only it sources some of the finest, under-the-radar coffees from throughout the country and makes them available on a broader scale. For about $20 per month, the Craft Coffee experts will handpick an awesome selection of coffees and deliver them right to your door. And whichever coffees you like, you can add them to your shopping list so they become forever mainstays in your cupboard. Never have to punch a fool in the mouth again for talking to you before your morning cup!

fourth and grand

Fourth and Grand

If you like the clothing subscription model but aren’t blown away by Trunk Club stylists, fret not. There are other options. One anyway. And that option is Fourth and Grand. With the company which shall not be acronymmed, you take a short “style quiz” and then get to “meet your stylist.” Within 14 days, you’ll get a box of clothes in the mail to try out. Pay only for what you keep. (Shirts run about $60 and ties $25.) A great option if you need solid work attire. No membership fees or contracts!

As the subscription model continues to prove successful, watch for other guy-friendly clubs to pop up in the coming months. That’s a given. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got to go check the mail.

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