We’re not done with Turn Yourself Into a Machine week, and this entry shows how elegant one can be while doing so. June, from Netatmo, is a diamond-shaped stone that can be worn as a brooch or on a bracelet.  While you’re getting your tennis swing just right, getting analysis on your teeth brushing, or having a bracelet do everything for you, ya may as well add another way of taking the guesswork out of life with the Netatmo.

The project for the June is telling you how much in the way of UV rays you’re being exposed to.  It then recommends the level of sunscreen that’s right.  It works by way of an app and a connection to your smart phone.  Unlike other such devices, it isn’t designed to make you look like a Star Trek character, and in fact appears like any other piece of jewelry.

the June comes in gunmetal, platinum, or gold, and finds a way to ascertain your skin type and sun habits, giving recommendations accordingly.  When the lady in your life is embarrassed by your robot-like appearance with all your gadgets, turn her over to your side with the Netatmo June.

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Netatmo June: A Gemstone That Could Prevent Skin Cancer
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