Dropcams are great and all, but they have to stay indoors. So what’s one to do in order to get some always-streaming footage from the outside of your home? Invest in a Nest Outdoor Camera, of course! With a weatherproof body that can handle nearly every weather condition under the sun, the Nest Outdoor Camera plugs into your existing electrical grid so you never have to worry about changing batteries. What’s more, it even features a built-in speaker system which allows you to communicate with and potentially scare off unwanted visitors and/or intruders.


Like other Nest Cameras, the Nest Outdoor Camera can record up to 30 days of footage and upload it straight to the cloud. Furthermore, it’s even smart enough to know when something seems fishy and will send you alerts to your phone so you can be on top of every situation. Doesn’t your home deserve the very best in security? Keep an eye on your property with the Nest Outdoor Camera!

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Nest Unveils Its Outdoor Camera Dropcam; A Must-Have For Home Security
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