Nest’s newest brainchild is here—the Nest Thermostat E—and it’s super affordable. And don’t worry, just because the makers lessened the price doesn’t mean you get a crappy version of the original one.

Not at all with Nest Thermostat E. In fact, it has almost all the capabilities of the Nest Learning Thermostat except that it got rid of the colored display, the time, and weather plus the design has been toned down a bit.

In other words, you can still control the Nest Thermostat E from anywhere, it still saves you energy, you can still set up a schedule, and so on. All of these for approximately $70 less than the Learning version.

So if you’ve been looking around for a smart thermostat to buy and you don’t want to hurt your budget set for the Christmas gifts, look no further. Nest Thermostat E can even save you more money you spend on energy. Just make sure you set it to the recommended settings each time.

Watch the installation video here:

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