A while back, we told you about the Nest Learning Thermostat. Well, here’s Nest part deux in all of its sleeker, Apple-esque beauty.

The Nest 2 Learning Thermostat is actually a pretty incredible piece of technology. For one thing, this new unit is thinner and more streamlined. Another, Nest 2 is more compatible with existing air-conditioning systems than previously (95% vs. 75%, respectively), thanks to revamped connectors and a clever “*” slot – the latter that accepts four of the most common connector types in North America – DEHUM, HUM, W3, and E. Systems such as dual fuel, 2nd-stage cooling, and 3rd-stage heating (and more) are now supported, too.

And when they say ‘learning’, they aren’t kidding: Nest 2, like its predecessor, actively learns its users’ preferences, general schedule and habits, and adjusts itself accordingly. Working in tandem with the one-of-its-kind, included Nest 3.0 software (connectable via WiFi), it has and does all sorts of nifty things, like ‘Enhanced Auto-Away’ (turns the system off upon detecting no human presence in the residence), Auto-Schedule, and iOS/Android tablet remote control via the Nest app.

In sum, not only does Nest truly make life less worrisome, it can also “persuade” your HVAC system to finally become ‘less energy hog, more $$ saver’, and in this economy who wouldn’t want that?

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Nest 2 Learning Thermostat
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