When driving, it is not uncommon for us to reach for our phone, check out the map for navigation, or talk to the person we are supposed to meet.

While the current phone holders can do this job just fine, their placement in the car usually poses problems. Most of these are placed on the dashboard, which are usually several inches below our eye level. This design makes it a challenge to take your eyes off the road to check your phone.


With Neva Tech’s Eye-Level Smartphone Holder, your phone rests comfortably at eye level. You just have to mount it to the rearview mirror, and you’re all set. This makes it easier for you to check maps or important notifications. Calling on loudspeakers is also more manageable as the phone’s speakers are closer to your ears.

The holder also features a no-slip grip ensuring your phone stays in place even on rough and bumpy roads.

Get this handy product today for only $19.99!

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Navigate and Communicate More Safely with this Eye-level Smartphone Holder
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