Do you take naps during the day? Do you experience grogginess when you wake up from those naps? Do your naps do more harm than good due to extended recovery time? The Napwell sleep mask offers a solution by significantly reducing grogginess from your naps.

Post-nap grogginess actually has a scientific term: “sleep inertia.” Your quick dozing sessions often fall into deep sleep, and abrupt awakening from this sleep-cycle stage causes you to feel tired for awhile afterward. You can have the Napwell gently wake you from your nap after a set amount of time, leaving you feeling refreshed instead of more tired than before you drifted off.

The inside of the mask gradually illuminates to simulate sunrise. This slowly pulls you from deep sleep so that you’re closer to being awake when your alarm sounds. Furthermore, the Napwell sits comfortably on your face and effectively blocks out light to help you fall asleep. With about a month left on its Kickstarter fundraising campaign, this nap-mask has already raised about two-thirds of its $30,000 goal.


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Napwell: Take A 'Smart Nap' For Your Holiday Hangover
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