Tired of changing bulbs every week or two? Get ready to forget how, because with the NanoLight you may not be doing it as much. One of the latest Kickstarter projects to reach full funding – it has attracted more than 2,100 backers and over 500% of the $20,000 target with 43 days left to go as of this writing – this bulb can do the work of 30 traditionals for about an eighth of the energy usage.

Looking at around 30,000 hours of usage and an electricity rate of 14 cents per kilowatt hour, one NanoLight produces a $50 electricity cost. Over the same period of time, it would take 30 incandescent bulbs at an electricity cost of $400. That alone is reason to sign up. They look cooler, too. Available in 10-watt and 12-watt versions that produce about 1,200 and 1,600 lumens, respectively.

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