The N-Control Avenger controller for PS3 and Xbox 360 may be one of the coolest console accessories we’ve ever lain eyes on. It’s basically an exoskeleton for the controller that comes with the unit, with a design that allows you to keep your thumbs on the analog sticks at all times while still having direct access to the other buttons.

It accomplishes this by poising arms directly over the four-button configuration to the right of the controller. It also hovers over the bumpers. You set the tension on the arms to suit your tastes, and in no time, you’ll be enjoying more control over your character’s movements while still being able to bust a cap in a bad guy when you need to. In case we haven’t done justice explaining how this works, here’s a video. Warning, though: if you click play, you’ll want to run out and buy it, so proceed with caution.

Hopefully, we’ll have a compatible version for the PS4 and Xbox One soon, but no announcement just yet.

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N-Control Avenger Gaming Controller
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