The Muse Clock offers a cool wall clock design that reminds you to embrace the beauty of every moment. This design triumph from creator Nate Borozinski still has a month to go on Kickstarter, and it’s already close to reaching its goal. As operation goes, the hour, minute, and second hands are graphically translated into concentric circular lines and dashes and cut out of the the two disc faces. According to the project page, these discs are layered on top of each other and rotate around a single axis. Because of our relationship to numeric and analog time, bystanders can visually and experientially tell “approximate” time.

What’s especially cool about the Muse Clock is how it uses 12 increments of measure on the two discs that sandwich and mirror each other. That means when the two discs move and rotate past each other, they create visual patterns of positive and negative space and shifting colors. A great add-on to any office design!

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Muse Clock
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