Heads up travelers, there’s a new product which is sure to revolutionize the way that you charge your devices when you’re traveling abroad. We’re not talking about some ridiculously bulky solution either. Curious? Then meet the Mu System – the world’s thinnest international charger.

The Mu System is pocket sized and ultra thin. If you’ve ever purchased a product made by the (now late) Palm, then you’d probably recognize some of the design language that the folks at Made in Mind have surely taken inspiration from. Mu System is compatible with all smartphones, tablets, and Mp3 players on the market. There are 4 types of plugs which are sold and they include the major types of plugs found worldwide namely American, European (EU), British, and Australian plugs.

Mu Charger

One of the coolest feature of The Mu System is the fact that it has an embedded auto-detect chip which enables Mu to identify exactly which sort of device is being connected and adjust charging in order to provide an optimum charge for your product.


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Mu Is The Ultimate Travel Charger
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