Artificial Intelligence has been on the rise recently with nearly all the tech companies making their own bots and other AI related stuff. But the problem with that is it has always been cloud based. This means executing neural networks takes a lot of processes.

With Movidius, artificial intelligence is now more accessible. It uses the Myriad 2 VPU, which only consumes 1 watt while using 12 parallel cores for vision algorithms such as facial recognition.

It also delivers 100 gigaflops of performance and can run neural networks using the Caffe framework. If that doesn’t seem to be enough, you can chain several Neural Compute Sticks together so you can get more power.

Who will benefit from this?

Well, if you are an AI researcher, you can use this as an accelerator when training and designing new neural nets. If you are a company owner hoping to integrate AI powers in your products, you may use this for testing neural networks.

Get it now and enjoy artificial intelligence right in the device in your hand.

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Movidiusâ„¢ Neural Compute Stick makes AI Plug-and-Play
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