LG has really stepped up their game. The Korea-based giant is making it their top priority to conquer the smart watch market before rival Samsung takes over. Their secret weapon? The G Watch R, the product of a top secret three year development program to produce a perfectly round OLED display.

Like other Android Wear watches, the G Watch R can do things like receive your phone notifications, control music, take notes, count your steps and the like. So how can it possibly justify its $299 price tag when the Moto 360 ultimately has the same functionality? Simple, it’s all about class.

LG Gwatch R

Unlike the Moto 360, the G Watch R is well built and is surprisingly comfortable to wear given its size. What’s more, the device features a Snapdragon 400 processor inside of it which makes navigating through the Android Wear UI much smoother than the Moto 360 for example. The battery life is also surprisingly good for a smart watch with the G Watch R getting over 24 hours of battery life on average.


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Move Over Moto 360, The LG G Watch R Is Here
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