For once, we can actually understand why a watch may cost $13,000. With Romain Jerome’s exercise in excess, the Moon Dust-DNA Watch, one can actually walk around with a piece of the moon hanging from his wrist. Considering how few times people have actually visited the moon in our world’s history, this watch represents a rare find. Aside from being built to last through carbon fibre and steel bezel, it also contains parts of Apollo 11 and actual moon dust in the dial.

We’re pretty sure that if you told anyone in pre-1969 America or Russia that one day they could actually be wearing a piece of the object that fascinated astronomers and love poets for thousands of years prior, we’re pretty sure they would have sat there slack-jawed at the revelation as they wondered how the hell you were able to make it back in time to speak to them. And then they would have probably said, “Yeah, cool watch.” Makes the Black Stealth Watch by Hugo Boss look like a cheap $550 timepiece.

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Moon Dust-DNA Watch | By Romain Jerome
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