Montblanc makes a nice watch. Okay, scratch that. Montblanc makes a really nice watch. Of course, the one drawback that we’ve always considered when it comes to items such as the Montblanc Time Walker TwinFly Chronograph is the enormous price tag. Whether you spend $11 on a watch or the $11,878 this thing calls for, 3 a.m. is 3 a.m. Period. Then again, maybe we’re missing the point. One look at this black and stainless steel device, and it’s easy to see where class and sophistication comes in to play.

Show up with this bad boy on your wrist at a job interview, and the suits will definitely take notice. Aside from that, however, it gives pretty good time, and delivers an elegant look directly under the face that allows you to see the chronograph mechanisms in motion. Fancy. And limited to 300, so if you want this one you’ll have to hurry. Watch for it at SIHH 2011.

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Montblanc Time Walker TwinFly Chronograph
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