The decision to go in and get a tattoo isn’t one to be taken lightly. From that day forward, you’l be carrying around some art which may wrinkle, sag, or just cause unneeded embarrassment. Luckily, the shame that goes along with tacky tats may just be a thing to the past now that Momentary Ink is on the scene. This service will let you get an idea of what that tattoo will look like and how you feel about it by allowing you to upload a custom design and then processing it into a temporary tattoo which will look just like your design.


Momentary Ink’s tats will last anywhere between 3-10 days, just about long enough for you to decide for yourself whether or not you want to commit to getting a permanent tattoo. Another cool idea is using Momentary Ink as a “party tattoo” for special occasions or to impress your crush by giving yourself a “bad boy” image for the weekend.

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Momentary Ink Lets You Try A Tattoo Before Your Commit
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