The Molecular Gastronomy Kit is really an interesting item for those into science or culinary arts. With it, you can explore all sorts of higher end cooking techniques to create really impressive dishes. The recipe book offers you an introduction to the kit, but there’s also an instructional DVD that lends more advice, tips, and tricks.

According to the site, it only takes one sachet per recipe, and you get to play around with all sorts of wild things like grape pearls and chocolate strings. There are 50 sachets to a kit, so that makes for a lot of really creative playing with your food time. If you go to their official blog, you get to see the creation of goat cheese raviolis, chocolate frozen wind, and arugula spaghetti as well as balsamic vinegar pearls as the kit is used to create a full-on dinner party.

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Molecular Gastronomy Kit
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