All too often do men ignore a good bag option. Here’s a heads up: your pockets can only carry so much! If you’re ready to embrace the bag-toting lifestyle and say hello to a bunch of extra-space, then make sure you equip yourself with a MochiBag. Born out of a merger between a traditional drawstring bag and a backpack, this bag adds channel-anchored drawstrings that never become uneven along with easy pull-open handles so you never have to dig inside the bag in order to open it up.


Live in an area with a lot of rain? Don’t worry, MochiBag will never let you down. Thanks to its high-density PU Coating, this bag repels water so its contents never get wet. If you’re curious about MochiBag, make sure you check out the link below. We promise that at $35, you’ll fall in love with it!

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MochiBag Will Never Let You Down; Keeps Your Stuff Safe & Dry
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