Summer is just days away. Still while it not be June 21st just yet, you’re probably feeling the heat just like you do in those dog days. Luckily for you, the Mistbox is here to help. This handy little gadget attaches to your outdoor A/C unit and packs enough hardware to know when your unit kicks on. Once its detected that your A/C is running, Mistbox will do its part by spraying a fine mist that drastically lowers the temperature of the air, so your A/C won’t drain your bank account as badly during the summer months.

Easy to install, you’ll be able to get your Mistbox running in just a manner of minutes. Furthermore, it’s totally self charging thanks to a wind turbine that’s been mounted on top of the device itself and which generates power and charges the battery. This approach is a stroke of genius — after all, it just doesn’t make much sense to try lowering your electricity bill with another gadget that’s contributing to your overall consumption.

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Mistbox Will Cool Your Home While Reducing Your Power Consumption
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