Move over Philips, wearables company Misfit has entered the smart light bulb market with its new Misfit Bolt multicolored smart bulb. If you’re familiar with the Philips Hue then you already know some of the capabilities which the Bolt is capable of. What’s really cool about this new smart bulb though, is its integration with Misfit’s existing ecosystem.

Misfit Bulb

Misfit’s other products like the Shine, Flash, and Beddit already come together to monitor user activity, food intake, and sleep patterns. By adding Bolt to the mix, you’ll be able to simulate a gentle sunrise right as you’re in the lightest moment of your sleep just before waking up. How’s that for the least intrusive way to wake up ever?

Bolt doesn’t require you to already be invested in Misfit’s world, though. Bolt will definitely still be able to control your lights and set the right color and intensity in order set the mood.


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Misfit Bulb Is The Smartest Light Bulb We've Ever Seen
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