Being one with nature is made just more comfortable with this sleeping bag that eliminates the zipper for a hassle-free entry and exit.

The bag resembles other mummy bags, but instead of using zippers, NoZipp opted for a magnetic closure.

Isn’t that a brilliant idea? Now you don’t have to grope for the zipper when you need a bathroom break in the middle of the night.

Another comforting factor (pun intended) is the climate control design. Other sleeping bags are good at keeping the heat in, but what if the weather is nice? Sauna!

But with NoZipp sleeping bag, you don’t have to worry about sweating like a pig on a warm summer night. With just one quick tug, you can dump excess heat by opening the front flaps.

Now that is a good night’s sleep.

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Minimize the Hassle of Outdoor Sleeping with NoZipp Sleeping Bag
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