No, it’s not a fancy door-stop or the latest wet-dry shaver: It’s the Microsoft Touch mouse. Not to be confused with the Microsoft Arc Touch mouse, which made its debut in Germany last year, the Touch represents one of the latest innovations in multi-touch (multi-gesture) technology in a mouse-like design.

The Touch mouse sports a grid made up of capacitive, touch-sensing electrodes (yeah, similar to the sticky little EKG electrodes they cover you in whilst in the hospital). These sensors, according to Microsoft, will recognize a myriad of a hand gestures—-flicks, pans, “pinch zooming”, taps, min/maximizing, scrolling, and pretty much every other hand motion imaginable. And adding to the technical wizardry is the Touch mouse’s ‘BlueTrack’ ability; this supposedly lets the wedge-like mouse even traverse coarse surfaces like wood, cloth, carpet and even skin.

WoW and/or internet-perusing addicts, your mouse has finally arrived.

Available Summer 2011

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Microsoft Touch Mouse
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