If your job requires sitting in front of a computer the whole day and demands precision and accuracy, the Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse may be for you.

Design-wise, it is ergonomic. It makes sure there’s enough space for your thumb and just the right amount of curve for the rest of your hands. Simply put, it feels natural in your hands.

Also, it doesn’t have that flashy look you get from gaming mice, just a simple yet modern design fit for business environments.

It has also added a button just right below the scroll wheel. Its made for switching from smooth, vertical scrolling to detent, line-by-line scrolling.

There are three other buttons that you may customize when connected to a Windows PC. You may program them to launch applications, save documents, or execute macros.

Customizing these buttons needs only a little help from the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center installed on your Windows PC.

However, you’re not given the same liberty when connected to Mac. But, it’s good to know that even though the Surface Precision Mouse is charging, you may still be able to use it, unlike the Magic Mouse.

Nevertheless, you may connect the Surface Precision Mouse to up to three computers either via USB cable or Bluetooth, making it easier for you to switch between them.

It is compatible with Android devices albeit via the Bluetooth connection only.

Its battery is non-removable but it is rechargeable. One charging gives you approximately three months of daily use.

Microsoft says the new Surface mouse is designed with the creatives in mind. The ones that are avid fans of the Surface Book 2 and Surface Studio or anyone who needs accuracy such as engineers, coders, or architects.

So if you’re planning to use this for gaming, you may be a bit disappointed.

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Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse for the Accuracy Hunters
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