What do study lamps, bedside lamps, and table lamps have in common? Light, of course. But more than that, these lamps usually let out a ray of light that shines not only into our intended object but directly to our eyes as well. Glaring would be an understatement.

If you back up the MESA project, however, you won’t have to grimace when you turn the light on. The MESA light is deliberately designed not to blind you when you switch it on—the engineers made sure the light rays are directed to where they belong. What’s more, they included a switch that lets you control the light’s brightness, and they used a warm light instead of the blue LED light that appears colder than your heart.

On top of that, MESA light is portable and durable. It’s lightweight and thin and uses aircraft grade aluminum, so it’s watertight and dust resistant.

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MESA Portable Light Puts the Rays In Their Proper Places
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