Here in the US of A, Mercedes-Benz isn’t a brand we normally associate with badass pickups. That honor is normally associated with brands like Dodge or Ford. Still, Mercedes-Benz does manufacture awesome-looking pickups and the company’s new X-Class Concept Truck is proof positive of that. As a mid-sized pickup with a remarkably light one-ton body and powerful six-cylinder engine, you’ll be shocked at the raw power and speed that this concept is capable of.

Speed is one thing that the Mercedes-Benz X-Class Concept Truck has going for it, but lets be honest you’ll really be buying one for comfort and this pickup has it in spades. In its interior you’ll find all of the conveniences, gadgets, and gizmos that you’ve come to expect from Mercedes-Benz vehicles as of late. All of this is then paired with modern safety and driver assistance systems so you can be sure that your car will do everything possible to prevent you from getting into an accident.

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class Concept truck is currently being shown off in two “finishes” — one for urban life and one for the more rugged amongst us. No US launch date just yet on this vehicle but European deliveries are set to start in late 2017.

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Mercedes-Benz X-Class Concept Truck May Very Well Be Your Next Pickup
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