From the company that touts “The best, or nothing” comes a set of ultra-exclusive bikes, available in mountain-biking-, racing-, trekking-, adult-, and child-styles.

Go ahead—admit it, you had no idea that luxury-car manufacturer Mercedes made bicycles too, did ‘ya? Sure enough, it does.

Here’s the rundown. All of the bikes, as one expects, are built from top-shelf materials (i.e. carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum, top-grade polymers) and are engineered as professionally and precisely as the company’s luxury sedans and roadsters. The mountain bike is the epitome of a rugged, versatile, all-terrain bike. The racing bike, Benz’s flagship bicycle that carries a price of about seven grand, is engineered using F1 technologies, dynamics, and materials, and the fitness bikes come in Sport (for men) and Comfort (for women) trims.

Always desired, but couldn’t afford, a lofty Mercedes-Benz? Well, here’s your chance—albeit, minus two wheels.

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Mercedes-Benz Special Edition Bikes
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