Here’s a fact that most of you probably don’t know: Mercedes-Benz vehicles produced after mid-2016 can actually play “pink noise” for its drivers. Intended to protect your ears from lasting hearing damage from the noise caused by a car crash, Mercedes-Benz Pre-Safe Pink Noise provides a fascinating lesson on science. You see, the hearing damage is actually prevented by harnessing a natural reflex to condition the ear. If an impending collision is detected that would be expected to produce a loud crash, the vehicle’s sound system plays pink noise in order to cause the stapedius muscle in the ears to contract, which for a split second changes the link between the eardrum and the inner ear and so better protects it against high acoustic pressures — thus protecting your hearing.

You can listen to the pink noise for yourself via the link below. Or, y’know, you can ask for a demo from a local Mercedes-Benz near you.

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Mercedes-Benz Pre-Safe Pink Noise Will Actually Save Your Hearing
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