As practical an SUV/crossover/minivan (or whatever-it’s-termed) as the current Mercedes A-Class was, no one will miss the rather conservative, minivan-like looks of it. Mercedes-Benz is looking to change that, though. And judging from the photos, the new A-Class could very well be Mercedes-Benz’s version of the ‘extreme makeover’ in hatchback form with sheet-metal that’s dressed to the nines and then some.

While it’s still in concept phase (perhaps sadly), let’s pray that the Germans keep most of the body styling as well as futuristic (in a way that’s strikingly similar to the initial SLR concept from years past) interior. The front-end is particularly eye-catching with its inverted-mesh grille and swanky, angular LED headlamps.

Nothing’s ever certain between concept and production phase; however, the rumor mill that eternally transverses the automotive blogosphere is suggesting that it could boast a 2.0L I4—worthy of about 214 horses—and a whole slew of new gadgets and safety features.

Note to Stuttgart: just make it happen already.

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Mercedes-Benz A-Class Concept
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