Interested in smart home automation? You’ll probably want to look into Wink, at just $80 this smart hub uses WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-wave and Lutron ClearConnect protocols in order to interface with various sensors and connected gadgets which you can install in your home. It’s not the only smart hub in the market as it has a lot of competitors. One of those is Revolve which costs up to $300 and don’t offer any added functionality. Another difference from the competition is that all too often, smart hubs only work with sensors which are from the same brand. Not so with Wink, which is one of the most versatile smart hubs in existence.


In order to pair Wink with a device, simply select form the list of compatible devices in the iOS/Android app and press connect. Wink Hub is currently for sale at along with a number of optional accessories such as a touchscreen controller ($300), lighting options, dimmers, switchers, outlets, and more.


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Meet Wink, A Low-Cost Smart Home Hub
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