Unfortunately for most of us, unpleasant odors are just a simple fact of life. Whether it’s stagnant water coming up from an unhealthy pipe, your own rank body odor, or other smells, it’s just something that we, at best, try to cover up and at worse, just tolerate. There’s good news from the front of the war against stink, though. Meet the VentiFresh, a NASA-inspired device which promises to banish undesirable odors for good. Using something called “UV photocatalyst technology”, it can accomplish what it promises without ever needing a filter or being recharged. It claims to be 10 times more effective than baking soda — a pretty bold claim, indeed.

Since it’s so low maintenance and has a design with a small profile, it can be placed just about anywhere including trash cans, gym lockers, refrigerators, diaper bags, shoe closets, bathrooms, and more. Just plug it in and “play”, so to speak.

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Meet VentiFresh, A NASA-Inspired Device Which Banishes Odors With Ease
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