Let’s face it, digital note taking is whack. There’s just something about the friction of your favorite writing utensil hitting paper and the noise and feeling it produces which is just magical. In fact, you might say that we’ve hardwired to enjoy tactical experiences and as such taking notes on the iPad Mini or similar Android tablet will likely prove to be short-lived for most individuals.


All of that being said, tablet-based note taking has one major advantage: you can erase your mistakes. Seriously, when was the last time you actually used white-out? It’s not only horrible to use but cheapens whatever you’ve been jotting down. That’s where the Wipebook Pro comes in.

Wipebook Pro uses a unique patented hyper-gloss film coating on each page which not only prevents smudging (another bane of paper-based note taking) but also allows to be easily wiped clean. Wipebook Pro also features a unique design with leather-wrapped covers on both sides and 20 writable pages in total. Get yours today by pre-ordering via the link below.

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Meet The World's First Wipeable Notebook
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