We’ve all heard of performance enhancing drugs but have you heard of performance enhancing wearable tech? If your answer is no, we don’t blame you considering that the first performance enhancing gadget is just now seeking funding via Kickstarter. Called the doppel, this wristband (which resembles a watch) promises to help you feel more alert or relaxed.

performance enhancer

By rhythmically pulsing on the side of your wrist, doppel can allow you to ramp yourself up or down. When doppel beats at your resting heart rate your mood will inevitably become more calm. Upping the beat will conversely make you more alert and really get you going, if that’s what you’re looking for. The folks behind doppel go as far to say that, “a gentle slow beat will be best to wind you down for bed. An intense fast beat will set your cadence on a fast run.” Pretty impressive, right?

You can get your own doppel by backing them on Kickstarter today. They still need £40,000 in order to reach their goal so if you think this a product which needs to exist then don’t hesitate!

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Meet The World's First Performance Enhancing Wearable Gadget
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